Cyanotype mask

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The cyanotype is an old monochrome negative photographic process allowing a photographic print in blue. This technique was developed in 1842 by the English scientist and astronomer John Frederick William Herschel.

Applied on cotton, it enhances the fine cuts of real bouquets of wild berries, sumac leaves, hemp, etc.

Each mask is a unique and natural work of art, with colour variations and imperfections that reflect the organic creations of Mother Nature.

Breathable, light and soft to touch, it is perfect for sensitive skin.

Washed and conditioned to guarantee the best hygiene, this three-layer mask with a metal nose clip and a filter is ready to use.

IMPORTANT The pictures presented are for information only, it is not the piece that you order only the shape and size remain identical to the photos. To choose your impression do not hesitate to leave a comment when ordering (gingko, willow, berries, hemp, lace).

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