Laure Gaury - The designer

After studying fashion in Lausanne, Lyon and Paris, Laure Gaury decided to put down her suitcases and return to live in Geneva, her native city. Since then she has devoted herself to her job as a costume designer for theater and cinema, while continuing tirelessly to collect the pieces that will become the collection of jewels "T'as pas l'heure? ".


The designer wanted to desacrate the world of watchmaking by creating a timeless line. In each of her jewels the watches are reborn and tell a new story. These original assemblages show a secret and fantastic universe where time no longer counts. Each piece is unique, or produced in very limited series.

By breaking the pattern, Laure Gaury writes a new story for these stopped mechanisms and gives a second breath to these forgotten watches.

Marie Claire Magazine

The designer looks for unique watch pieces that she assembles to create delicate jewels.


Laure Gaury refuses to lose the soul of her collection. The approach is not commercial, it is artistic !

La tribune de Genève