Washable face mask Tataki Zome

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The EcoPrint comes from Japan: "tataki-zome" (from the verb tataki, pounding, and zomé, dyeing), also called Hapa-Zome, Leaf pouding or ecoprint – is an ancestral Japanese art that consists of printing fabrics or paper by hammering plants.

Each mask is a unique and natural work of art, with color variations and imperfections that sublimate the plants while keeping only a lace imprint.

An ecological technique, for masks in Cotton or Modal Bio, breathable, light and equipped with a metal nose clip they are perfectly suitable for sensitive skins for a daily use.

Washed and conditioned to guarantee the best hygiene, this three-layer mask is ready to use.

Hand wash with mild detergent.

IMPORTANT The pictures presented are for information only, it is not the piece that you order only the shape and size remain identical to the photos.

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