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These smudge sticks were made with local, wild or organically grown plants and collected by hand.

Each stick is unique, hand-assembled with care and intention.

Use: Prepare your space, organise, clean, welcome this moment for yourself, clear your mind and make room for your ritual. 
Open all your windows wide to allow negative energies to escape. Have a heat-resistant container. 
Light up your stick, spend time in each room of your home, be meticulous by insisting on the angles, the frames of windows and door.You can use your stick to purify objects such as cards, crystals, favorite objects, yourself (starting with the feet).
When you feel you are coming to the end of your ritual put it out. You do not have to consume it until the end, you can keep it for another time.
Let the spaces ventilate at least 45min so that the smoke escapes properly with all the negative energies that stagnated. You can then light an incense stick or candle to bring a new atmosphere to your place.

Composition: white sage, lavender and rose

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