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  • The EcoPrint comes from Japan: "tataki-zome" (from the verb tataki, pounding, and zomé, dyeing), also called Hapa-Zome, Leaf pouding or ecoprint – is an ancestral Japanese art that consists of printing fabrics or paper by hammering plants.Each mask is a unique and natural work of art, with color variations and imperfections that sublimate the plants while...

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  • The cyanotype is an old monochrome negative photographic process allowing a photographic print in blue. This technique was developed in 1842 by the English scientist and astronomer John Frederick William Herschel.Applied on cotton, it enhances the fine cuts of real bouquets of wild berries, sumac leaves, hemp, etc.Each mask is a unique and natural work of...

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  • The ecological solution, Cotton masks with patterns, breathable and lightweighted they are perfectly suitable for sensitive skin for daily use.The inner layer is coloured, the carbon filter can be changed everyday for better protection , the nose clip in aluminium fits perfectly the shape of the face and the ultra-comfortable elastics are in lycra.Washed...

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